Statement of Business Ethics

Seneca Telecommunications believes that strong business ethics should form the basis
for all of our relationships with employees, customers, partners, competitors, and suppliers.

We strive to live and abide by basic ethical principles in the day-to-day conduct of our
business, foster an environment of mutual trust and respect, and take responsibility for
our own actions and conduct. These principles include:

  • Promoting a workplace that is respectful of personal differences and free of workplace discrimination and harassment
  • Conducting ourselves in a professional manner consistent with our core values and mission.
  • Not engaging in any activity that is, or may be perceived as, a conflict of interest
  • Protecting company and teammate information such as business development intelligence, trade secrets, technology, ideas, customer lists, financial data, marketing and pricing strategies, and business growth plans
  • Observing the laws and customs of all Nations, states and localities where Seneca Telecommunications conducts business


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