Mission Statement

Seneca Telecommunications’ mission is to enable federal agencies to meet integrated telecommunications, information technology, and mission demands, both domestically and overseas. We accomplish our mission by aligning tools, resources, expertise, coupled with sound business ethics to deliver exceptional results to our customers.

In seeking solutions for these program requirements, Seneca Telecommunications provides strategic leadership and mission support through collaboration and partnerships within the Government contracting community...aligning tools, resources, and expertise to deliver the highest levels of project execution.

To be a valued partner, provider and employer, we hold these values as core to our business operations:

  • Ethical and Moral Business Behavior
  • Customer Satisfaction and Value Creation
  • Performance of High Quality Work
  • Technical Competence and Commitment to Excellence
  • Operations and Management Competence
  • Respect for Individuals and Value of Teamwork
  • Attainment of Budget and Performance Goals
  • Image among our Peers in the Marketplace


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