Management Experience and Past Performance

Management Experience
Seneca Telecomm has the key management expertise and skills to operate and manage the growth and operations of the company, including fixed price, cost reimbursement and Time & Materials contracts. Our senior leadership team consists of proven program managers and industry experts, each with decades of  experience managing and deploying successful, complex projects in the information technology,  telecommunications, and operations support both in the Government Contracting and Commercial sectors. Highly motivated and with the ability to complete work in cleared environments, we bring expertise,  responsiveness, accountability, innovation, and partnering to each and every program.  In addition, we have an Advisory Council that is active and involved in the identification and generation of additional  opportunities in the Federal IT and telecomm sectors.

Past Performance
Our leadership abilities are augmented by an experienced team of managers and staff, highly-skilled in  program execution, equipment and systems selection and deployment, operations and management  support services, and facility construction.  Management's history of exceptional performance and award winning service includes substantial and critical work for several Defense and Civilian agencies, including both  CONUS and OCONUS work – all performed with the highest levels of skills and experience and with Exceptional and Outstanding references for all completed work.  This Our experience and qualifications also includes specific telecomm expertise:

  • Project management expertise with applied performance methodology in schedules, budget, resource management, communications, reporting and quality management.
  • Uniquely experienced in streamlining projects for fast-paced, high quality integrated projects; ensuring attainment of project requirements, task time frames, required human resources, and project quality and safety.
  • Cell site and switches, wireless network implementation, administration and management experience totaling thousands of cell sites and multiple switches throughout the United States and the world.
  • Extensive experience with large network infrastructure implementation and operations support projects that have all met customer delivery and budget demands
  • Experience with all types of Federal contract vehicles and pricing methodologies


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